Olympians take on DeAnza College, last years state champions

Olympians take on DeAnza College, last years state champions

The DeAnza Community College women's badminton team captured last season's CCCAA state title. To say the Mountain Lions dominated is an understatement. For starters, not only did they  finish with an unblemished 11-0 record, they also became the first team to win each singles and doubles match without losing a set in the championship game. 

"A wise coach at Mesa College once told me, 'to be the best, you have to play the best,' explains head coach June Andrews. "DeAnza is the reigning state champion with a strong winning tradition. They have players who train year-round and who have been playing badminton since childhood. We had nothing to lose and I wanted our players to see what high level competition is to further challenge us and help us grow."

Despite dropping the match 4-17, the coaching staff continues to see the growth of the program, particularly in the lower part of the line-up. First year player Alexa Izazaga-Salas is starting to get consistent with her shots and has developed a strong smash in her repertoire. Evelyn Dominguez at number six has improved her movement on the court and is starting to have a better feel in dictating the point. 

The team is also experimenting with different line-ups. The tandem of Kathy Rodriguez and Evelyn Dominguez played well on Saturday. Erica Garcia- Badaracco and Megan Nguyen continue to work and learn each other's style. Both were solid in singles despite suffering losses to a very good player in DeAnza's #1 Madison Moe and Malaya Paras - Mangrobang. 

The team will be back on the road on Friday, March 10 to take on East Los Angeles College. First serve is scheduled for 2:00 p.m.