2018 Men's & Women's In-Season Update

2018 Men's & Women's In-Season Update

Men's and women's cross country head coach Sean Ricketts provides us with an in-season update on the 2018 campaign.

Tell us about the start of the season:
Our 2018 season is off to a great start. Both the men's and women's teams are where they should be at this point.  It is a privilege to see the hard work, commitment, and focus that our athletes are exhibiting on a daily basis. As we move forward, our team is focused on mastering the ability to finish strong and trusting the process of training.

What are some of the accomplishments this year?
The men’s team is exactly where they need to be. We are currently ranked #3 in the state of California. The ladies have not scored a full team due to health and new runners. Individually, Jasmine Perez, Alyssa Acosta, Beth Horton, and Hope Foote have been following the training progression and improving.

What has been the biggest challenge so far this year?
We’ve had a few injuries on the men’s team. Fortunately for us, we have enough depth to continue competing at a high level. If I were to single out a challenge, it would be the lack of experience. Both teams are young and still need time to develop. As I always say, trust the process. 

What’s our upcoming goals?
Our goal is to continue to work hard. We need to continue on improving leading into regionals. After regionals, we need to be at our peak headed into the state meet.